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Thanks for visiting our website. Let me give you a brief intro on what we can do for you.

I am Dr. Hari. I have been providing consulting support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies since 2004. The consulting projects that I have delivered on in the past include everything from desk research on a new disease area to global commercial assessments for new products. I have set up hundreds of forecast models and decision support tools in Excel. I have developed health economic models to support pricing including Markov, Decision Tree and Patient Microsimulation. I develop discussion guides, run telephone interviews with HCPs, conduct payer interviews and moderate focus groups. I have a team that sets up online surveys, recruits respondents globally and helps develop slides. Suffice it to say, I can provide consulting support for any company that is looking to commercialise a new product, change existing strategy, decide on a pricing strategy or value an asset for in-licensing / out-licensing / partnering. I can also run any desk research or market research for you in North America, the EU, the UK, India, China, Japan, Latin America, The Middle East or Africa. I am supported in all projects by my business partner Marina George, a well experienced quantitative expert, electronics engineer and data analytics / artificial intelligence professional.

As for me personally, I am a medical doctor (UK GMC registered and working part time for the NHS), with an MSc in Leadership and Strategy (London Business School), an MSc in Finance (London Business School) and an MBA (Thunderbird, Arizona State University). I am also in the process of completing an MSc in Health Economics (LSE – London School of Economics and Political Science). Prior to starting consulting in 2004, I worked for Bayer Global in the US (Associate Director – Marketing Excellence / Market Research) and Novartis Global in Switzerland (Senior Insights Manager – Respiratory / Dermatology). I have co-founded and was the CEO of a successful healthcare startup in Florida.

If you retain my services as a consultant, I can guarantee you high quality work. Most importantly, because of my cross functional skills, I come up with solutions for you that have been very well thought out, with nothing lost in translation! 


We help you understand the potential of specific therapeutic areas, country markets, soon-to-be launched products and early stage molecules, including intellectual property. Our offerings are designed to maximize returns from your R&D, business development, licensing and marketing efforts.

We conduct primary market research, secondary research and data analysis to help develop strategy at the product and business level. We set up custom models for quantitative assessment of strategies, scenario analyses and development of strategic options. The information and analysis that we deliver along with our decision tools facilitate structured thinking and decision making.

We also run custom workshops and participate in on-site meetings as needed to provide support to clients during projects.

We are unique in having the processes and resources in place to provide rapid turnarounds with global projects. 


We are a boutique consulting firm offering advisory services to life sciences companies. We are small, focused and experts in what we do. 

Our services are designed to help with Market Access, Business Development & Licensing, Business Analysis, Strategic Planning, Strategic Marketing and Pricing & Reimbursement.

We have the skills and resources to conduct market, product and service evaluations globally – USA, EU, Japan, China – including the emerging markets. We have extensive experience in conducting global opportunity assessments for medicines at all stages in their life cycle.

We have been in this space for almost 16 years now and have conducted projects to support decisions around (a) funding for early stage companies, (b) advancing an asset across phases of clinical trials, (c) drug licensing opportunities, (d) valuation of revenue streams for monetization (e) pricing new products, (f) market scoping and (g) developing a viable target product profile. We have also developed forecasts for hundreds of new products, including valuations for many. We also develop health economic evaluations – patient level microsimulation models and Markov models – to support pricing and reimbursement.

We have processes in place to provide results very rapidly to our clients with most projects taking under 4 weeks from commissioning to delivery. 

If you are a smaller consulting firm or a freelance consultant and require support with a consulting project, we can work with you at any stage of the project or for completing any module within the project. This may include help with secondary research, primary research globally, Excel model development for forecasting, Markov or decision tree model development for cost effectiveness analysis or just about any work associated with the project. Please feel free to email us ( with your requirement and telephone number.

TPP testing and optimization

Product positioning assessment

Product opportunity assessment

Product sales forecasting with dynamic models

ROI assessment of clinical studies

ROI assessment of potential new indications

ROI assessment of potential new formulations

ROI assessment of planned marketing campaigns

Price elasticity assessment by country

Pricing and reimbursement assessment by country

Pricing and reimbursement strategy development

Development of health economic models

Business case development - inlicensing/ outlicensing

Business case development - early stage products

Business case development - royalty stream investment opportunities

Generic opportunity assessment

Business strategy workshop

Portfolio strategy workshop

Disease area strategy workshop

Product strategy workshop

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