How to improve any situation you may be in

How to increase the probability of improving any situation you may be in:

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In a nutshell:
With any situation you happen to be in, the key driver of how to approach it, is the time you have left before the TWTCH becomes reality for you. In short time frames [as when your car breaks down], you should get your mind to spit out options quickly, and then mull over each quickly as well. It is fine to feel that you may have missed out on some options because if you had never thought of options, then you would have missed out on all of them other than what you acted on. If your timeframe is longer [as with getting admitted to a highly ranked university], collecting more information over a longer period of time and then developing your options would be the way forward. Here you will have more time to think each option over and make an informed decision. If your situation is like with a chest infection, where you are limited to what you can potentially do because of your circumstance [health insurance allowing only a specific Primary Care Physician to be seen], and there is a time element also involved, you can make the best of the situation by doing some research online [only credible websites please!], and then asking questions at the end of your doctor appointment.

I have only tried to present a somewhat easier way to analyse situations that you may get into, using a simple, quick to use and productive framework for making decisions. TWTCH, BOFY and WOFY are what have helped me a lot in life, and hope that they may help you as well. The examples I used to illustrate the framework are only a small subset of all those bewildering situations that you may encounter in life. I will be adding new situations and workarounds in the future.

And lastly, feel free to post situations that you may need help with, and I will answer them as soon as I can.

Warning: The stuff I write is not supported by research. I may have been influenced by what I read, though there is no intent to pl

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