Ottam is a running game set in the roads of Kerala. This version of Ottam has Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala as the backdrop.

You can pick one of three avatars to play this game. One of them is a customizable avatar into which you can add your face shot using the camera of your mobile device.

You will encounter obstacles like pedestrians, police and potholes on the way. If you brush against any of the obstacles, the avatar’s life expectancy goes down and once it runs out of life, the game is over. If you fall into a pothole, life expectancy will go down to zero instantly and the game is over!

This game has an in-app purchase option to buy extra life for your avatar. This will allow you to boost the remaining life of the avatar every time it goes below 20%. An in app purchase for Rupees 10 will allow you to do 100 life boosts like that. If you make a purchase for Rupees 20, you will get 250 boosts and for Rupees 30, 500 boosts.

The team behind Ottam : Subhash, Deepak Krishnan, Kiran and Ijas.

Subhash was head coder for this game, assisted by Kiran. Deepak was head designer for Ottam, assisted by Ijas.


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Vimanam is a game that borrows it’s essence from Indian and other mythologies and makes it interesting by allowing you to pick different types of flying vehicles that you can use within the game. Your aim is to evade weapons that keep hurtling towards you in the air. Each weapon that you evade fetches you points and in some instances you win a shield that allows you to defend against weapons. Please note that the shield is time restricted and the time left before its power expires is shown on your screen. In app purchase of different types of flying vehicles & characters is possible and such flying characters come with extra powers to defend against weapons sent to stop you.

The team behind Ottam : Subhash, Deepak Krishnan, Kiran and Ijas.

Subash led the coding effort, ably assisted by Kiran while Deepak led the graphics effort, ably assisted by Ijas.


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Sharf-un-Nissa was a slave girl who migrated to Lahore from Iran with a trader’s caravan. she was a skilled singer and a graceful dancer. One day when the Empress ordered her to sing for the Emperor, he was so captivated with her voice that he gave her the splendid name, Anarkali.
Salim, the son of the great Mughal emperor Akbar, fell in love with Anarkali. She tried to keep away from Salim. But love knows no rules and soon Anarkali too was deeply in love with Salim.
The emperor could not digest the fact that his son was in love with an ordinary courtesan. He started denigrating Anarkali and devised many tactics to make her appear inferior to the eyes of the young Salim. When Salim came to know of this, he declared war against his own father. But the mighty Emperor’s gigantic army proved too much for the young Prince to handle. He is defeated and sentenced to death.

This is when Anarkali intervenes and renounces her love to save her beloved from the jaws of death. She is entombed alive in a brick wall right in front of her lover’s eyes.

But he could never forget his one true love Anarkali, in his lifetime. When he died, her name was on his lips.

Thus ends the tragic love story of Salim and Anarkali. Even today, these two lovers are remembered by people, because of their deep and everlasting love for each other.

The folks who produced Anarkali : Abdul Rahim, Deepak Krishnan, Ijas and Jomon Joy.

Abdul Rahim was the developer and Deepak Krishnan, Ijas Mohammed and Jomon Joy were the illustrators/ graphic designers. Hats off to them for this effort!


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