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Hari Group provides advisory services to firms looking to make decisions with limited information in the healthcare space. We have the skills and resources to conduct market, product and service evaluations globally including the emerging markets. We have extensive experience in conducting global opportunity assessments and have helped large, medium and small pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies around the world.


We have been in this space for over a decade and have conducted projects to support decisions around funding for early stage companies, on whether to progress an asset across phases of clinical trials, about drug licensing opportunities, on valuation of revenue streams for monetization and on pricing new products. We have also developed forecasts for hundreds of new products, including valuations for many. Hari Group directly conducts primary market research in the US, EU5, Japan, MENA and emerging markets globally. In addition, we also develop health economic evaluations – patient level microsimulation models and Markov models – to support pricing and reimbursement.


We have processes in place to provide results very rapidly to our clients with most projects taking less than 4 weeks from commissioning to delivery.


Dr. Hari Thrivikramji is the founder and chief consultant at Hari Group. (LinkedIn:
Hari is a medical doctor (MBBS, Trivandrum Medical College, India) by training and has graduate degrees in business (MBA – General Management, Cardiff Business School, UK; MBA – International Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA), Finance (MSc, London Business School, UK) and Leadership & Strategy (MSc, Sloan Fellow, London Business School, UK).
Hari had his early career in pharmaceuticals, having worked as Associate Director in the Global Strategic Marketing division of Bayer Pharmaceuticals in the US and as Senior Insights Manager in the Global Marketing division at Novartis in Switzerland. He has also founded and run startups in healthcare, wellness and hospitality in the UK, the USA and India.
Hari has directly run more than 350 consulting projects since our founding in 2004. He is uniquely positioned to offer advisory services to pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses because of his multidisciplinary training and skillset. He leads a team of similar individuals with superior skills and training at our firm.


Our core offerings are focused on businesses that develop, manufacture or market, pharmaceutical or biotechnology products and medical devices. We help you understand the potential of specific therapeutic areas, country markets, soon-to-be launched products and early stage molecules, including intellectual property. Our offerings are designed to maximize returns from your R&D, business development, licensing and marketing efforts.


Our services are built around primary market research, secondary research and data analysis with the outputs focused on strategy formulation, quantitative assessment of strategies, scenario analysis and development of strategic options for our clients. Our deliverables are developed to provide as much information as possible to the client along with the tools required to facilitate structured thinking.


We also run custom workshops and participate in on-site meetings as needed to provide support to our clients during projects and beyond.


We are unique in having the processes and resources in place to provide rapid turnarounds with global projects. In the past, we have conducted primary market research, run desk research and developed final deliverables, all in the space of 4 weeks for quite a few product evaluation projects.


Services for entrepreneurs and university researchers

If you are an entrepreneur looking to license out a patent from a university


  • We will help you value the patent or asset
  • We will help you structure a mutually beneficial deal with the university licensing office
  • We will support you in raising funding for you venture

If you are a university researcher or a patent holder looking to commercialize your idea


  • We will help you value the patent or asset
  • We will help you identify a suitable entrepreneur or CEO who can commercialize the patent or asset

Services for companies with products in clinical trials

High level strategy check


We will have a detailed discussion of your situation as a company and about your products in development (or in the market). Our aim will be to:

  • Understand your longer term plans with your company and for your products – and then understand your reasoning and motivations behind those plans
  • Find out what your current strategy is, with your company (business strategy) and your products (product strategy)
  • See if your business and product strategy match with your plans – whether the strategy you are deploying has a high chance of getting you to where you plan to be, including whether you are set up to execute on that strategy at the business and product level

If your business or product strategy does not match with your plans – we will organize a workshop at your offices during which we will develop a set of strategic options that could help you achieve your plans for the company and your products. The key assumptions underpinning these strategic options will be identified as well. Following this, we will help you pick a strategy that maximizes your company/ product value.

At the culmination of the project, you will be provided with a report that summarizes all the findings and our strategy recommendations. The report will also include a spreadsheet model that ties in all the key assumptions behind the strategy and provides a valuation for the company or product. This dynamic model will help prioritize the criticality of the assumptions based on their impact on overall value.

We will also send you a proposal on what we could do to strengthen the key assumptions around the strategy that is recommended.


Product strategy check


  • We will organize a workshop at your offices with the aim of understanding the product strategy that is being implemented
  • During this session, we will check your assumptions behind the viability and value of your product – including the targeted markets, target product profiles, clinical comparator being considered, potential pricing and market access
  • We will identify assumptions that are weak and need to be confirmed

After the workshop, we will provide you with a report that summarizes our findings. The report will also include a spreadsheet model that ties in all the key assumptions behind the product strategy and provides a forecast and valuation for the product. This dynamic model will visualize the key assumptions based on their impact on product value. This can be used to understand the potential value of the product to a licensor or partner also.
Along with this, we will send you a proposal outlining how we could clarify and strengthen the weak assumptions that were identified and need to be confirmed.


Valuation of asset for partnering or out-licensing


We have a specific offering to help you with understanding the value of your asset in the context of partnering or out-licensing:

  • We will undertake secondary research to develop epidemiology and market sizing for your product
  • We will conduct cost effective primary research to test out your asset for its target product profile, potential uptake and use as well as likely pricing in the key markets of the US, EU and Asia
  • We will deliver a forecast and valuation model for your product that takes into account its market, potential peak share, uptake and likely pricing, as ascertained through primary and secondary research. This will also incorporate development costs, development timelines and potential marketing costs after launch.
  • We also offer partnering and out-licensing negotiation support – we will provide tools that help you evaluate different deal structures real time at the negotiating table, help your business development executive in understanding recent deals that took place in the therapeutic area and also have a key consultant available in person if needed, at negotiation meetings.

Services for established companies

Business strategy workshop

Portfolio strategy workshop

Disease area strategy workshop

Product strategy workshop

TPP testing and optimization

Product positioning assessment

Product opportunity assessment

Product sales forecasting with dynamic models

ROI assessment of clinical studies

ROI assessment of potential new indications

ROI assessment of potential new formulations

ROI assessment of planned marketing campaigns

Price elasticity assessment by country

Pricing and reimbursement assessment by country

Pricing and reimbursement strategy development

Development of health economic models

Business case development - inlicensing/ outlicensing

Business case development - early stage products

Business case development - royalty stream investment opportunities

Generic opportunity assessment

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