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Hari Group provides advisory services to firms looking to make decisions with limited information in the healthcare space. We have the skills and resources to conduct market, product and service evaluations globally including the emerging markets. We have extensive experience in conducting global opportunity assessments and have helped large, medium and small pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies around the world.


We have been in this space for over a decade and have conducted projects to support decisions around funding for early stage companies, on whether to progress an asset across phases of clinical trials, about drug licensing opportunities, on valuation of revenue streams for monetization and on pricing new products. We have also developed forecasts for hundreds of new products, including valuations for many. Hari Group directly conducts primary market research in the US, EU5, Japan, MENA and emerging markets globally. In addition, we also develop health economic evaluations – patient level microsimulation models and Markov models – to support pricing and reimbursement.


We have processes in place to provide results very rapidly to our clients with most projects taking less than 4 weeks from commissioning to delivery.

What we can do for you

Our core offerings are focused on businesses that develop, manufacture or market, pharmaceutical or biotechnology products and medical devices. We help you understand the potential of specific therapeutic areas, country markets, soon-to-be launched products and early stage molecules, including intellectual property. Our offerings are designed to maximize returns from your R&D, business development, licensing and marketing efforts.


Our services are built around primary market research, secondary research and data analysis with the outputs focused on strategy formulation, quantitative assessment of strategies, scenario analysis and development of strategic options for our clients. Our deliverables are developed to provide as much information as possible to the client along with the tools required to facilitate structured thinking.


We also run custom workshops and participate in on-site meetings as needed to provide support to our clients during projects and beyond.


We are unique in having the processes and resources in place to provide rapid turnarounds with global projects. In the past, we have conducted primary market research, run desk research and developed final deliverables, all in the space of 4 weeks for quite a few product evaluation projects.

Our services
Business strategy workshop

Portfolio strategy workshop

Disease area strategy workshop

Product strategy workshop

TPP testing and optimization

Product positioning assessment

Product opportunity assessment

Product sales forecasting with dynamic models

ROI assessment of clinical studies

ROI assessment of potential new indications

ROI assessment of potential new formulations

ROI assessment of planned marketing campaigns

Price elasticity assessment by country

Pricing and reimbursement assessment by country

Pricing and reimbursement strategy development

Development of health economic models

Business case development - inlicensing/ outlicensing

Business case development - early stage products

Business case development - royalty stream investment opportunities

Generic opportunity assessment

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